something more about

the beings



The Beings, (those mighty beings, beings of pure flame) were a loose collective which included Colin Reading, Sco, Alan Baker, Malcolm Walker, Andy Pegge, Nigel French and myself, with others (such as Wendy Halsted and Gary Cove) popping in from time to time. All beings played percussion, and pure percussion pieces were a feature of beings' live performances. Drummers having been such a difficulty for Live Sex this was seen as a sort of insurance, but it failed entirely, since, when Nigel left to go to America (where he worked for the New York Marxist School) nobody wanted to play the drums anyway.

The Beings instituted a technique or process of having various 'sound-stations' consisting of combinations of instruments which people moved between and around among, thus ensuring a complex and fructive confusion of voices. Thus, any one of the beings might play bass, guitar, keyboard, percussion, drumkit, vibraphone, etc. in the course of an evening, although only I played the saxophone, as far as I can recall.

The selection of beings material available on cd from Aural Witness is drawn from their tape releases 'Head Cleaner' and 'Flavour of Love'. It is a wildly varied selection which words cannot possibly describe, ranging from the demented 'Cheese Creature' and the avant garderie of 'Prix Albanien' to the gentle 'Plane' and the 80's pop-song 'Thinking About You'.