something more about


        peter pick

there is a lot of stuff by or about me on the associated website including the story of my car crash, my holiday on the sporadic islands and suchlike trivialities, as well as poems and fiction.


as for the music:

one c.d. <sex & religion> is of songs improvised onto tape, overdubbed onto collective improvisations, or written on guitar between 1984 and 2003. some songs feature the core members of live sex and others an array of familiar collaborators, such as DAVE TRIBE and RICHARD MILES.

unusual, primitive experimental multitrack recordings. singing into existence the exact moment of creation; order shaped from time, carved in magnetic flux.

could this be the real thing ?



another is called amateur and consists of guitar-based songs written and recorded since my sudden death. intense and emotional, with an edge of self-mockery.




another c.d. called <poems> has poems on. (encoded upon. it.) 

they were recorded live with music, live without music, or direct onto tape through a sampling echo box.

some of them are funny. some of them are not.

they're probably not what you think.



then there is <surface> which is going to be hard to explain to people.... it's possible that if you like the other things, you will like this. it is a collage made from various elements including multi-looped vocal improvisations and computer programs. i made this alone shortly before i drove myself through a hedge.



there is also the related work <voice> which is solely (wordless) vocal improvisations looped on a 16-bit digital echo unit. they're quite hypnotic, i find.



in progress (he lied) is the new song album <deadbeat> which i have only written about half of. i do like it so far, but i can't think of anything else to do, yet.



i am peter pick. making music was my chief occupation from 1978. i would say that stopped sometime around 1998, but music remains. over this period i have explored various relationships between music and text. i'm no longer sure what i do. is this music? 

nobody knows.... or cares.

at one point i worked as a sound engineer for venues in brighton and with a p.a. company and round europe for touring bands the mekons and stitched-back foot airman.

i have recorded various bands; hooflung, the smileys, palace runt, the unbelievables, the sandmen, greeting no. 4, and many other highly  individual groups it is probably superfluous to mention.



 so what the fuck ?