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brahma chop

generic clapton


love train, distance, factory, chemical boy, trance fever.

oh! that government spokesman!, telephone song, dreams, man you recognise, the water. 

recorded by brian roche at abbeydale.       mixed by pick at broxmead, sussex (track 2 mixed by mike hazell & peter pick)

 .an aural witness production.      prediction.      provocation.....            projection........           predation.


This release comprises Brahma Chop’s studio recordings.  The first five tracks were released as ‘Hearth’ in 1990.  They, and the other five, were largely funded by the American independent Hopewell Records. These songs are based on  improvisation,  that anarchistic and collective activity being central to Brahma Chop as both process and philosophy. There are, of course, various exceptions to this universal and absolute rule: ‘telephone song’  is a Miles/Pick/Baker composition. ‘love train’ , ‘distance’  and  ‘trance fever’ all pre-date the great monument Brahma Chop itself (heretical as that may seem). ‘trance fever’ was inherited from the Beings, (Baker/Pegge/Pick/Schofield/Walker/Reading) should about cover it, with apologies to French. ‘love train’ and ‘distance’ are probably (Miles/Pick/Tribe/Paterson). Fortunately, there is no money to argue about, except the money already lost, so we are spared the expense of lawyers and the unpleasantness of demonic possessions and contract killings.  

We owe our thanks to many people and few organisations, especially some who go unrecorded here.  


brahma chop       

an exciting new range of meat products 

richard miles: guitar

rick patten: guitar, organ (10)  

peter pick: voice, alto sax 

colin reading: bass (6) percussion (3,4,5,7,8,9)  organ (5)

alan baker: bass (3,4,5,7,8,9) percussion (6) 

dave bailes: drums (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) 

dave tribe: bass (1& 2) 

alasdair paterson: drums (1& 2)



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