electric soup 

comprises improvisations recorded by live sex in 1982 & 3 with a variety of drummers and other vagabonds. it is a more crowded soundstage and more technically ambitious musically than the first compilation, but is by no means virtuosic. live sex make a highly atmospheric music with rules and boundaries continually under development. although this compilation is called ‘electric soup’ it does not much resemble the 1980’s tape release from which it takes its name, and neither is it a mixture of british sherry and methylated spirits apparently favoured by tramps in glasgow.

“represents some progress from the narcissistic primitivism of ‘faulty jazz’, but cannot aspire to the level of truly revolutionary socialist art”       –    ho chi minh.


christopher john harris : guitar, bass (a prelude).

wendy anne halsted : farfisa organ.

peter richard pick: alto saxophone, voice.

colin ashley reading: bass, drums.

piers margarey: drums (a prelude, strut, swamp-hearted)

joshua (turan) simpson: drums, (anxiety/positive, sealed orders)

dave bailes: drums, percussion.

crispin gravett: bass, (sprot, run along)

nick tribe: bass (negotiations, outmoulded).

other bastards.


an aural witness production.



a prelude, swamp-hearted, sprot, trace, outright, negotiations, outmoulded, strut, beast in my horn, hymn 2, second mystery, the bonds, run along, junction of moons, anxiety/positive, sealed orders.