brahma chop




bursting through

family man


little jimmy

new age pension

the new manager of hell

the tide


tracks 1-5

rick patten: guitar

peter pick: voice

dave bailes: drums

marco: bass

paul kennedy: guitar

marcus ripley: percussion


tracks 6-8

rick patten: guitar

peter pick: voice, saxophone, programming

marcus ripley: percusssion, programming

matthew lowerson: bass

richard miles: guitar



it's even a bit frightening, what brahma chop get up to here.... 'bullshit' might be normal, almost, and 'garbage' (a vicious attack on education) and 'the tide' sound like brahma chop, but 'new age pension' is an evil-hearted, self-lacerating satire and 'the new manager of hell' tries to convince us that U2 are black sabbath playing motown. 'family man' is virtually incoherent with rage, and 'little jimmy' (about the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police) actually is. some of it seems to be funk, as though you might dance to it and 'bursting through' is in some peculiar time-signature so that you will hurt yourself if you do.

if heavy metal stadium funk satire is your bag then you'd better buy another one, because it's full up.

ultimate rock death is upon us, long live ultimate rock death.


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