brahma chop

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give myself away, my escape, oh! that government spokesman!, chemical boy, sales talk, holy grill, factory, bursting through, little jimmy, bullshit, family man 

hip-cap, the water, unexpected blues, hideous blood.



all saints centre, lewes   (29.11.’87,   12.11.’88) 

richard miles: guitar; rick patten: guitar; peter pick: voice, alto sax;

dave bailes: drums; colin reading: percussion, bass, keyboard; alan baker: bass, percussion, (drums on ‘unexpected blues’)

brighton urban free festival (1990)

rick patten: guitar;     peter pick: voice;      dave bailes: drums;      marco: bass;      marcus ripley: percussion;     paul kennedy: guitar.



           all saints centre   (12.11.’88)

give myself away

my escape

oh! that government spokesman!

chemical boy

sales talk

holy grill


    brighton urban free festival

bursting through

little jimmy


family man 

    all saints centre   (29.11.’87)


the water

unexpected blues

hideous blood




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